5 Ways to grow your wealth

Did you know, he made his huge wealth through smart stock investments?”

“Ten years ago, this guy had no assets; now he is a crorepati!”
“Mutual funds are the best way to get a compounded growth on your investments.”

Befuddled by the stories of stock market riches you hear at parties and casual gatherings?
Unfortunately, many people in India neither have the full knowledge nor complete trust in the stock market. And although there are Financial Advisors available ‘a dime a dozen’, their services are just available to the uber-rich, leaving you without a true guide or mentor whom you can trust.

We are here to change that – TradeGyani is on a mission to democratize wealth creation, by creating India’s largest community of investors, traders, investment advisors, portfolio managers to “learn and earn” together.

At TradeGyani, we firmly believe that there is no better time than ‘now’ to grow your wealth. And here’s how we help you do it:

  1. A Network you can Trust – We aim to create an ever expanding, trusted investment network of investors, traders and investment advisors that you can leverage to learn about emerging sector trends and put them to action in real-time.
  2. The Expert Panel – Through our platform, we give you access to an expert advisory panel comprising of SEBI-approved investment advisors. Each of these experts have been generating wealth through smart investments over the years, for their clients, family members and themselves, as well. And now, you have their portfolios in the open, to replicate and match their financial success on TradeGyani.
  3. Hand-holding You Through Market Swings – Have you held back from benefitting from the market until now because you are scared to navigate the ebbs and tides alone? We understand your fear. With your hard-earned money at stake, it is only natural that you want to be guided by honest and professional experts. At TradeGyani, the expert panel of Gyani’s provide real-time portfolio updates to tackle the market many -swings, thereby helping you invest with confidence.
  4. Bringing it all Together – Monitoring your returns is a crucial factor in making investment decisions. Calculating average costs and computing the return on your investment or determining its performance over a period is a tedious job. Most people rely on complex calculations carried out manually on excel sheets or entering their trades on platforms such as MoneyControl. But now, with TradeGyani, you can consolidate your investment portfolio across trading accounts to analyze and monitor your performance. You will also get all the relevant news related to your portfolio and watchlist, all at one place!
  5. Discover Trending Stocks & Portfolios – We have integrated unique algorithms on our website to find the trending stocks of the day, the social sentiment of the stocks and popular Gyani portfolios to help you improve your investment strategy.

Every investor understands that getting access to sound investment advice is tough. Most hot-shot advisors only service portfolios that are a few lakhs strong and command a high management fee. However, at TradeGyani, we think that knowledge or gyan must be shared for the greater good. To ensure maximum benefit for maximum people, we bring the financial portfolios of experts in the open for everyone to emulate. In addition, the good-hearted gyanis on the platform provides astute financial insights online, free of cost.

What are you waiting for? Join the fast-growing community of investors who are making a killing by simply following the personal investment portfolios of licensed trade experts with proven track records.

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Brijendra Singh

Brijendra Singh

Chief Information Officer @TradeGyani
Over 14 years of IT experience majorly on JAVA, UI/UX, Business Intelligence, Databases. Worked for improving products and services by using advanced analytics, standing up big-data analytical tools, creating and maintaining models, and onboarding compelling new data sets. managed project for Telecom, Commercial Cards banking, and financial analytics.

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