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TradeGyani conducted a series of Q&A sessions by the market experts. Users posted various questions on 

TradeGyani platform, ranging from the basic to specific on stocks, portfolios, personal finance, risk of equity markets, investment strategies, etc. While many of the stock related questions were time specific and may not have a relevance now, it always helps to listen to views of experienced professionals – there’s something you can take away whether you are a beginner or an experienced stock market investor.

Short Session By Alok Jain Founder of

Snippets from the session on Momentum Analysis and Q&A session conducted by Alok Jain, SEBI registered Investment Advisor and founder of Engineer from the IIT Delhi with an MBA finance from the University of Maryland, Alok is a keen observer of the psychology & behavioral aspects of the market, quantifies and incorporates them in his investments. You could follow him on Twitter @WeekendInvestng.

Q1.  Kindly provide expert opinion on #8KMILES . Should I sell these shares?
Q2. What should be the strategy for #NHPC , i am holding this from IPO.
Q3.  I have 88 shares of #ICICIBANK , Is it good time to accumulate more ?
Q4.  I am holding #BATAINDIA from past 3 months , should i exit from this stock ?
Q5. I have questions on 4 Stocks: Please advice on #TATAMOTORS : Bought @304, can hold of long term.
Do we see a positive movement ? Should I add more at current level or Exit?
#TATAGLOBAL : Bought @300, for long term, Hold, Add more (at what range) or EXIT ? 
#ISEC :  Got 80 or so during IPO, Shall I exit or Hold? 
:  Bought @295, for long term, Shall I hold or Add more or Exit ?
Q6. What should be the portfolio of a first time salary earner in early 20’s age versus someone in mid 30’s versus 40’s
investor look a safe bet for guaranteed returns.
Q7. Do you see momentum analysis is better than the technical analysis or fundamental ?
Q8. Wanted to ask about the #RBLBANK and #BANDHANBNK ?
Q9. What do you think about the market in general and what would be #NIFTY and #SENSEX level, down the line one year
Q10. I wanted to ask about the #ASHOKLEY and #TCS , can i buy more stock at the current level considering a time frame of
2 years from now ?
Q11. Currently i am staying in Canada , i want to start investing in stock market , what could be the best strategy to start
with and how much money can be allocated month on month. the goal is to create a steady income after 5 years once i am
 back from Canada ?
Q12. Why few airlines have  book value and EPS such as #SPICEJET what does that mean ?
Q13.  I want to ask about #HCL stocks for long term(around 1 year), is it worth to buy HCL stocks and if yes what is the right
time to buy and when to sell out?
Q14. I want to ask about #M&M Ltd stocks also for long term(around 1.5 years), is it worth to buy M&M stocks.
If it is the right time to buy when market is at low? if not then what is the right time to buy and when to sell out?
Q15. I am looking to buy #YESBANK stocks also for long term(around 1 year), if it will worth to buy yes bank stocks now
because it has come down again. If it is the right time to buy then what is the right time to exit?
Q16. I want to know about the stocks name where I can invest being a startup from my first investment
 (in such up and down market). And, for how much time should I invest in those stocks???
Q17. Is it ok to buy stocks that are below the base price ?
Q18. Read that oil companies are making profits but their stocks are trading so low. How come ? Time to exit them then ?
Q19.  I am a retired person , Do you think that in this age also i should invest in stock market ?  if yes then which kind of
stocks should you ask me to invest and for how long ?
Q20.  All #NIFTY auto stocks are in red and 2/3 of the nifty 50 is negative. Also delivery % is deteriorating day by day and
ratio between FO and equity volume is widening ? How do you see this scenario ? Is there any hope to reverse this and equity
investors can see the real benefit ?
Q21. I bought #TCS 25@1860 it performed well after that going to 2200+ but has come down drastically. Should hold or exit ?
Q22. #IBULHSGFIN What the medium term (2-3 quarters) target ?
 Q23. #DHFL what is the real problem with this stock it’s gone down by 60+% in a month and there seems no bottom to the
fall. Is it good to accumulate now or will the stock roll down to double digits.
Q24.  #VEDL now Vedanta moving from mines and minerals business to Oil (like #RIL, #ONGC and #OIL ) and heard that
they won licence to 5 wells.. how is the stock for 1-2 year investment?
Q25. How do you screen out stocks for momentum investing apart from using the bulk and block deal data to spot good
stocks gathering momentum ?
Q26.  Any plans to develop a nifty momentum trading platform for long and short . Individual stocks are very volatile and
may not be within the comfort level of many investors ?
Q27. What is the right time to exit a stock ?
Q28. .Yesterday in dowm market , #MRPL was up .Any signs of reversal on monday or till expiry ?  if so upto what extent ?
Q29. How do you handle panic in the market when whole sector is sinking like what is happening in NBFCs today ? No one is
spared .
Q30. How do you handle momentum investing in a sideways market?
Q31.  What is your strategy to select momentum stock ? Can you also advice on personal stock ?  am holding #HOVS  .
please provide your view . How sound business is ? Return on equity is very low ?  How do you manage loss making portfolio ?
Q32. Is it possible to mix elements of value based or fundamental investing with elements of technical based ?
Q33.  What in your view are the most important things/characteristics/qualities/skills needed to become a consistently
profitable trader ?
Q34.  How do you manage risk ? What do you do with position sizing ?  Where do you keep your stop loss ?
Do you have profit targets or do you look at trailing your stop losses till you finally get stopped out ?
Q35.  How Call / put value is calculated ?

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