D-Street Challenge

“D-Street Challenge”

 After a fantastic response to “Be a Gyani and Shutup n Trade contest” where thousands of people participated from across the country. We’re back with a new contest for all the stock market enthusiasts – “D-Street Challenge”. Showcase your investing skills with zero risk (invest virtual money), compete against 6k fellow investors on TradeGyani & beat the Sensex to win weekly prizes!!

Eligibility Criteria – 

  • All the contestants must be over 18 years of age.
  • Contestants must be permanent residents or citizens of India.
  • All the contestants must be registered TradeGyani users.
  • Contestants must build their portfolio from 11th Feb 2019.
  • Contestants must fully complete their social (including original photo) and investment profiles on TradeGyani.

All contestants will be given Rs. 5 lakhs in virtual money to build their investment portfolios. During the “contest period”( 11th  Feb, 2019 – 17th May 2019) – the contestants must outperform S&P BSE Sensex returns. Here are a few rules that the contestants need to keep in mind:

  • Trade is applicable only in Cash Segment.
  • Intra-day trade settlement is prohibited. Any contestant who does this will be disqualified.
  • Any contestant buying stocks with m-cap of less than 1000 crore will be disqualified
  • Transaction Limits – Participants can invest a maximum of 25% of their simulated portfolio value in any one stock

Awards Details & Criteria-

  •  Winners Selection 
  1. TradeGyani will identify winners based on the portfolio return percentage (%) calculated by using Modified Dietz methodology (described below) on tradegyani.com.

  2. The portfolio return% is tracked and displayed to all the participants on a real-time basis.

  3. Portfolio return% calculated by TradeGyani is final and binding.

  4. Portfolio Return Methodology – TradeGyani calculates portfolio returns using a Modified Dietz Method. Returns derived from the Modified Dietz method provide a reasonable idea of how the securities in your portfolio have performed adjusting for the amount invested which may vary over time. We use a Value Weighted method to calculate portfolio returns since value weighted returns are considered more accurate measures of the actual profit or loss of your investment, versus other methods such as Time Weighted returns.

  • Weekly Winners
    • Contestant whose portfolio outperforms the returns of S&P BSE Sensex and his/her portfolio returns is among the top 10 returns in the leaderboard. Winners ranked 1-5 will get Rs 600 & Winners ranked 6-10 will get Rs 400 each every week.
    • In case of a tie and if they have the same stock – the contestant with the highest number of comments on social feeds and followers will win.

REFER & EARN –Contests are fun with Friends!

While you and your friends both stand a chance to win cash prizes every week in the on-going D-Street Challenge.You will get additional ₹100 every time if any of your referred friends win any of the weekly contests between April, 8th 2019 and May, 17th 2019 

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