One Page Calendar 2019

I find one page calendars intriguing.  I could find examples for 2017/8, but none for 2019, and I wanted one for my planner.  So here is one – Feel free to print one, copy, share or make a screensaver out of it.

This version of a yearly calendar I find visually appealing, seeing how the days make patterns.

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Abhinav Dube

Abhinav Dube

Co-Founder @TradeGyani - A techie by heart . Before TradeGyani, Abhinav worked for various Investment banks - Morgan Stanley and Nomura International in U.K, before that Nomura and erstwhile Lehman Brothers in Mumbai, India. FIRE - Financially Independent and Retiring Early is his new mantra and he aims to not only achieve it for himself but everyone around him.

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