Top 10 Finance Movies


Howdy, How you all doing? Given that you’ve landed here, I’m assuming you’re having a cravings for Financial Dramas. So here’s a hot list of movies which you should try. Apart from that I’ve a list of extremely entertaining movies prepared for you (It’ll blow your mind) right here, the top 10 movies

Anyways let’s start with the financial dramas:


Bud wants to work with his idol and spies on him in order to impress him with his knowledge but finds out about his dirty nature. Now he wants to destroy him. 



Jordan Belfort is a stockbroker who wants to win the world of Wall Street. He uses his evil tactics to gain wealth but later gets turned down by the FBI.


A manager in a finance company gets fired and he digs his nose down the company to find out the real reason for his expulsion.


A college drop-out joins a broking firm for fast track success but gets drown in corruption and crime.

An investment firm manager gets transferred to Singapore where he finds an opportunity to exploit the market and earn a huge profit. He gets too far with it and bears the consequences. 



A funny take to the financial world where two brothers, due to a bet, conspire to take the wealth of a snobbish investor and a con artist which leads them to hilarious adventures.

An eye-opening story of a Chinese company and the American Stock market in which the investor in order to earn huge sums invests in a gold mine and gets involved with huge numbers of fraud calls all over the country.





A Financial expert starts giving advice on a TV show about investments but when an angry man loses money with his advice, he (angry man) holds him (the expert) as a hostage.


 Based on the housing crash of the 2000s when few financial experts finds flaws and corruptions loophole in the market when it was about to crash to make profits out of it.




A widow of the chairman and stockholder of a chemical company wants to purchase the financing of a Spanish company in order to expand her company’s business. She later finds out the real reason and person behind her husband’s murder, while she tries to secure the finance deal.

So there you had the list of my personal favourite financial dramas. Films are good source of inspiration, but for this genre I’m suggesting you guys only to watch for entertainment purpose. Do not take any inspiration from financial crime dramas. Not if you want to attract any trouble.

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